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               THE LEGEND OF THE                    IROQUOIAN LOVE FLUTE


 In the beginning, when earth was first created, she was in her most purest of  state.  Everything in and out of this world was put there for a reason; grandmother moon, our eldest brother the sun, our young brothers and sisters the stars, the oceans, rivers, lakes and streams, the plant life, both big and small, trees, roots, medicine and fruit for all;  the winds, rain, thunder and lightning, the animals, fish, birds, insects and man; all there to survive and live in harmony together.  Even with all this natural beauty, the sounds were not enough for Creator.

One night, a restless Mohawk boy, twisting and turning, in and out of sleep, could feel something tugging at his spirit.  The boy awoke and prepared to set out on a journey.  Little did he know that his life would be changed forever more. He had very keen senses, which enabled him to hear, see and smell a great storm approaching.  He ran to take cover beneath a giant cedar tree, when  all of a sudden, Creator sent a large bolt of lightning down from the Heavens, striking the cedar tree and causing it to split down the middle.  Beside the tree sat a big rock that was also struck by lightning, causing it to shatter.  Pieces of the red hot stone flew like fireflies and landed in perfect line formation on a small hollowed branch that had been broken off the cedar tree.  The storm ended as fast as it had started. The boy knew that his life had been spared, and that he was to respect the natural elements and never be afraid.  Our Mohawk- kanien'keha word was given to the Kanien’kehake Peoples, and that was “Kanenhstaton” and its meaning is the “protected place or peoples”. 

 The boy looked down and lying at his feet was a small branch of hollowed cedar with holes in it.  He reached down and gently picked up the most unusual object; it was beautiful, red and beige in colour, with a fragrance that came from it which left him speechless.

Catching the boy by surprise, the Creator had sent a severe wind storm causing things to blow about him where he stood.  Holding tight, the boy would not let go of the unusual piece of wood.  Again the boy had been surprised, as the wind blew through the piece of wood, making the most beautiful sounds.  He knew then that he had been given a very powerful gift from Creator. 

He began to blow his breath into the wood and it began to make beautiful haunting sounds, and music, just like the birds do.  It didn’t take long for the news to spread in his community of this heavenly sound.

The People would gather and listen as the sound seemed to allow their spirits to travel, opening their third eye.  After seeing the powers that one possessed by having one of these beautiful instruments, it started showing up in the hands of many young warriors. They could play to the animals, and watch as the most ferocious beast of the land and sky would fall into a trance, and even eat out of the hands of these warriors.  Some of these warriors would play for the young women, leading them into a trance, into believing that they were in love with the one who played such an instrument.

As time went on, leaders and elders from many Nations would witness the effects it had, as heart after heart was broken.  The beautiful music would stop, from that same breath, and words would develop and the spell of the love flute would be broken.  It did not take long until a law was passed, that no love flutes were to be played until the one playing it shared more about his life first, to show his intentions and his true nature were pure.

As time went on, the sounds from these love flutes not being heard as often caused fighting and bickering throughout the lands.  Today, the love flute is used by First Nations Indigenous peoples throughout the world, as a useful tool in celebrating our existence & resilience in song and dance, and giving thanks to the Creator.




David became very well known for his unique sounding, OVAL SHAPED Iroquoian Love Flutes he made out of BC cedar. 

David also is now endorsing a new flute from Six Nations, by a talented flute maker that he believes in his work and carries his flutes now in our gallery.  They are in perfect concert pitch, in the key of d,e, f, and g, and are all handcrafted and one of a kind.  He has used these flutes in concert and in performances all around the world.

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