world- renowned Musician/Sculptor David R. Maracle... "We are facing water shortages, air pollution, toxic waiste issues and more.

We need to respect mother earth, be aware of our surroundings and thank the Creator for our very breath every day.  We need to show more respect to the animals, the plants, and our waters.  We need to think of our children's children's future, the seven generations. 

Please do what you can for Mother Earth now.  Dont wait any longer.

WE ARE ALSO VERY PLEASED TO HAVE OUR NEW VIDEO RELEASED, entitled Native Expressions, produced by Crowe Productions of Picton, Ontario.  This montage explains who we are, where we are located, and who David R. Maracle is; Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur and visionary.

Hope you enjoy!!


Peace, Love and Light

David R. Maracle