David began his career as a carver/sculptor in 1985.  Traveling to Pow Wows, craft shows and fine art shows helped to develop and create a unique lifestyle, which allowed his abilities as a sculptor to soar.  David, now an acclaimed World-Renowned Stone Carver/Sculptor, has received many awards globally for his unique and detailed works of art. His most prestigious award given was at The Heard Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2008.  The influences of his First Nations-Mohawk Heritage are clearly depicted in his sculptures. This has been his main goal; to educate people about the First Nations-Mohawk culture and issues through his artwork.

His sculptures have touched the hearts of many people; private and corporate collectors alike throughout the world. Some of his more famous Curators include Nelson Mandela, Loretta Lynne, Dan Akroyd, and the Emperor of Japan.

The biggest highlight of his carving career so far was when he took first prize ribbon with his one of a kind 3 foot sculpture entitled "Gathering Our Minds" at the Prestigious Scottsdale Arizona "Heard Museum" in 2009.   Davids sculptures have been featured on cheques across Canada at all major banks, and he has had many art installations in High End Galleries all around Toronto.  We hope you enjoy the Originals in Stone, and we will continue to post new sculptures as they are made.